Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Complex Numbers - "Земное Притяжение" [1998]

Artist: Complex Numbers
Title: Земное Притяжение
Genre: Techno, Futurepop
Country: Russia
Release date: 1998

Track List:
  1. Вcтупление
  2. Пути цивилизаций
  3. Над землёю алеет закат...
  4. Солнечный дождь
  5. Подводный туннель
  6. Разбег
  7. Тайфун
  8. Минбарский снег
  9. Ускорение
  10. Конвейер
  11. В полёте
  12. Две системы
  13. Земное притяжение
Complex Numbers are an "art-techno" project started in 1996 in Vladivostok by Frol Zapolsky and Victor Argonov (the latter being one of the most well-known transhumanist activists/publicists in Russia). After more than a decade of being largely unknown, CN suddenly became a sensation in the "intellectual" segment of Russian internet, thus finally reaching their intended audience. "Земное Притяжение" ("Earth's Gravity") is their debut release consisting of mostly instrumental tracks recorded during 1996-1998. However, my favourites are two tracks - #3 & #8 - with beautiful female vocals and sci-fi themed lyrics. Sadly there are only two of them...

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