Monday, June 14, 2010

Kesson Shoujo - "Lala Sings"

Artist: Kesson Shoujo
Title: Lala Sings
Genre: Ambient / Noise / Lolicore
Country: Japan
Release date: unknown
Size: 14 mb

Track list:
  1. Cinderella Song
  2. Mermaid Song
  3. Sora no Yume
  4. Lala Song
Another release by Kesson Shoujo, and a lot more noisy than "Childhood In Housing Complex". Some vocals (sung in Japanese, most likely a synthesized voice) are also present. The overall aesthetics of this release can be most precisely described as "childish"... but not only in naive and cute way. Just look on this artwork, which may look childish, but not cute at all:

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