Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fields of Winter - "Fairy Queen" [1993]

Artist: Fields of Winter
Title: Fairy Queen 7''
Genre: Gothic / Darkwave
Country: Germany
Release date: 1993
Size: 15 mb

Track list:
  1. The Fairground Tale
  2. Book Of Dreams
  3. Fairy Queen
This is an extremely rare and criminally underrated release. I found it two years ago somewhere in DC++, and decided to download it because I liked the band's name. I wasn't disappointed - the music turned out to be incredibly beautiful; simplistic yet catchy and melodic. Somewhat like Abney Park of early-90s... Now it's one of my favourite releases in the whole darkwave genre, and I'm sure they would have reached a cult status if only they released some more propler full-length albums... not just these 3 songs.

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