Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Mandragora's Chain - "Retribution" [2012]

Artist: Mandragora's Chain
Title: Retribution
Genre: Noise, Dark Ambient, Industrial
Country: Ukraine
Release date: 2012

Track List: 

  1. Prologue: Happy?
  2. Do not look back
  3. Touch
  4. Retribution
  5. Love
  6. Interlude Trust No One
  7. Kill
  8. United in slavery
  9. Information War
  10. New world order
  11. Obey
  12. Destroy your nation
  13. Epilogue No More

Another obscure noise project from Kiev, started in 2008 initially as a pure "anarchist power electronics/noise" project, but later incorporated elements from various other post-industrial genres. The guy behind the project was active in the electronic music scene at least until 2013 under the moniker of Sitreus Ramirez, but in the early 2010s he became much more interested in deep techno, IDM and downtempo, and decided to focus on his solo works and his IDM band Sound Wave Pressure. However, I find his early noise/industrial works much more interesting in terms of both sound and message:

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