Friday, June 5, 2020

Tears Of Fire - "Doomed Dome" [2016]

Artist: Tears Of Fire
Title: Doomed Dome
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Country: Iran/Germany
Year: 2016

Track List:
  1. شیدا شده‌ام [sheyda shodeam]
  2. دژ [Dejh]
  3. مجنون نبودم [Majnun Nabudom]
In comparison to most other Middle Eastern countries, metal (and underground music in general) is relatively popular in Iran, yet the country is by no means friendly to such music - so many Iranian metal musicians eventually emigrate, and this band isn't an exception. Tears of Fire were one of the first black metal bands in Iran (if not the very first), formed in 1998 and played their first concert an year later. While modern Iranian black metal scene is still small yet far from nonexistent, the Iranian society definitely wasn't ready to appreciate such kind of music 20 years ago, and, if the official story is to be believed, the band members were arrested after the aforementioned concert on July 8th, 1999.

They have disbanded shortly thereafter, but in 2016 their founding member decided to reform the band as an international project based in Germany. Now they play a pretty strange kind of funeral doom metal with oriental motives (although I don't have much to compare with, as the only other Iranian doom metal band I've listened to are 1000 Funerals). This release is certainly interesting but hard to get into (just like Iranian culture in general).

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