Monday, June 22, 2020

Альянс - "Сделано в белом" [1993]

Artist: Альянс
Title: Сделано в белом
Genre: Folk-Rock, World Music
Country: Russia
Year: 1993

Track List:
  1. Только с тобой
  2. Дальше дальше
  3. На Восток
  4. Эпиталама
  5. Возле твоей любви
  6. До самого неба
  7. Встаньте, братья!
  8. Смерти нет!
  9. Дева
  10. Сестра моя ночь
  11. Всадники
  12. Тува-1
  13. Тува-2
  14. Тува-3
  15. Баллада о горе 
While Alliance are mostly known as a synthpop band, they have experimented with many different genres, and their folk-rock album "Made in White" was even called the best world music album of 1993 in Europe. At that time, the band had already split up, but this album is certainly notable as one of the first world music releases in modern Russia, way predating bands like Theodor Bastard. They were also one of the first bands that have experimented with traditional Tuvan music and throat singing (tracks 12-14 on this album).

"Made in White" features mostly female vocals, performed by Inna Zhelannaya, who later became much better known as a solo artist (and a frontwoman of her own band Farlanders). It's a rather lengthy release, but certainly worth your time of you like soft rock with an ethno flavour:

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