Monday, June 29, 2020

Lumsk - "Troll" [2005]

Artist: Lumsk
Title: Troll
Genre: Folk Metal/Rock
Country: Norway
Year: 2005

Track List:
  1. Nøkken
  2. Dunker
  3. Åsgårdsreia
  4. Trolltind
  5. Allvis
  6. Perpålsa
  7. Blæster
  8. Byttingen
  9. Nidvisa (bonus)
Nowadays, the word "troll" is associated mostly with internet trolling, so it's about time to remind that legends about trolls are an important part of Scandiavian folklore, where a great lot of metal bands took their inspiration from. Lumsk aren't an exception, and they play an interesting mix of folk/viking metal in the vein of Storm and progressive rock, with beautiful female vocals by Stine-Mari Langstrand.

According to "Early in 2005, the band won the most by:Larm (a Norwegian music festival) prize money ever awarded, worth 500.000 NOK (about 62.500 €). That made their plans for the 2005 album "Troll" possible, including a high-quality video for the song "Trolltind"". While it may be quite different from most Nordic folk metal you're used to, and most of the songs aren't that catchy, it's a quite interesting release worth checking out:

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