Monday, June 27, 2016

Parzival - "Casta" [2014]

Artist: Parzival
Title: Casta
Genre: Neoclassical, Martial Industrial
Country: Denmark / Russia / India
Release date: 2014

Track List: 
  1. Kalachakra
  2. Kurushektra Purana
  3. Himagni Purana
  4. Airyanem Vaejah Purana
  5. Uttara Purana
  6. Navadi Purana
  7. Ayo Purana
  8. Rudra Purana
  9. Yavashtra Purana
  10. Andra Purana
  11. Regnabit
Parzival was founded in 1999 by Dmitry Bablevsky, who was a member (initially a drummer, then a vocalist known for his unusually low-pitched voice) of several rock bands in late USSR, one of which became popular enough that its members managed to move to Denmark in 1989. In 1992, Bablevsky started a new project called Stiff Miners, which played industrial techno in the vein of "Kapital"-era Laibach. After Stiff Miners have released two full-length albums, Bablevsky decided to abandon the futuristic industrial sound in favour of more medieval neoclassical music. Thus, Parzival was born.

I've read several quite disparaging reviews of early Parzival albums, according to which, the band started as a pretty poor clone of Laibach. However, this album is quite solid, and doesn't sound like plagiarism of Laibach at all. It's a concept work dedicated to the Hindu tradition and the Indian classical music, made with the help of guest musicians from India:

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