Friday, March 25, 2016

V/A - Soviet Electronic Music

Artist: (various)
Title: Soviet Electronic Music
Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Minimal Synth
Country: USSR
Release date: 1980-85 mostly

Track List:
  1. Эдуард Артемьев - Поход
  2. Зодиак - Зодиак
  3. А.Родионов и Б.Тихомиров - Электронный наездник
  4. Зигмар Лиепиньш - Танец-85
  5. Арсенал - Фоторобот
  6. Зодиак - Пасифик
  7. А.Родионов и Б.Тихомиров - Догоняй, компьютер
  8. Эдуард Артемьев - Созвездие ушедших времен
  9. Зигмар Лиепиньш - Твёрдый орешек
  10. Аэробика
  11. Videosex - Neonska reklama (Bonus Track)
Thanks to this blog (which is one of the best sources for old Eastern bloc music I've seen so far), now we have an amateur compilaton of non-underground Soviet electronic music. As the author admits, it wasn't easy to compile: beyond Eduard Artemiev (who is internationally known mostly for his soundtracks for Tarkovsky's movies), there's only a couple of names that got more or less wide recognition. However, I think it was a right decision to prefer quality over quantity by including only the best stuff into this sampler. This is a great compilation that accurately reflects the spirit and atmosphere of Soviet science fiction of early 80s, and it's strongly recommended to everyone who's interested in old school electronic music (especially space-themed). If you want more, then you might want to check out another series of compilations on that blog, which features almost all Soviet electronic artists they could find (several hours of music in total, movie soundtracks mostly).

For those who wonder WTF is track #10, I'll tell you: it's a soundtrack for the fitness classes which were very popular in mid-1980s. Might sound quite funny in our day and age, but it actually was one of the most erotic things you could see on Soviet TV in 1985:

The bonus track is performed by one of the first Slovenian synthpop bands which was very popular in Yugoslavia in the 80s. It's awesome how such a small country has managed to produce so many great industrial, synthpop, and other alternative electronic acts: Laibach, Coptic Rain, Borghesia, Neurotech, etc., etc...

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