Monday, March 14, 2016

ДДТ - "Мир номер ноль" [1999]

Artist: ДДТ
Title: Мир номер ноль
Genre: Alternative/Industrial Rock, Classic Rock
Country: Russia
Release date: 1999

Track List:
  1. Музыкальный образ I
  2. Одноразовая жизнь
  3. Он
  4. Мы
  5. Метель
  6. Небо на земле
  7. Музыкальный образ II
  8. Интервью
  9. Расстреляли рассветами...
  10. Черно-белые танцы
  11. Донести Синь.
  12. Музыкальный образ III (Выход)
  13. Герой
My blog would be incomplete without mentioning the band which first introduced me to both classic rock and alternative/industrial rock when I was a teenager. You can find all basic info about then in Wikipedia, and I'll add that I was a fan of them and their frontman Yuri Shevchuk when I was 13-15 y.o. This video, which I saw on TV for the first time in early 2000, was probably the first alternative rock video I've seen and liked:

It blew my mind because it was so different from all the pop music videos which I've seen on TV before. Of course, I discovered Rammstein, Linkin Park and other bands of this kind shortly after that, but DDT remained my favourites for a long time. However, they became so popular not due to songs like the one above, but due to much more melodic and catchy stuff which they were playing in early 1990s. Here's, for example, their best-known song which was so popular that Shevchuk even grew tired of playing it live:

One more video from the same period, very simple yet surprisingly scary:

Like all popular bands, DDT has many devout fans and many haters as well. I must agree that some of Shevchuk's behaviour (mostly his "war on pop music" and some of his political activity) is suitable for a teenager but not for a grown man, but it hasn't much to do with his music. As for the music, he's frequently criticised for being rather a singer-songwriter with an electric guitar rather than a proper rock musician, but it isn't a big problem for me - I'm much more interested in neofolk and post-punk than in classic rock, after all. Some of DDT's albums can be indeed quite boring, especially if you don't understand the lyrics, but their discography is very varied in terms of sound. I chose this album to post mostly because it's a concept work strongly influenced by the industrial rock of the 90s, but it also has a lot of less aggressive-sounding, ballad-type tracks:

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