Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bonanza Banzai - "1984" [1991]

Artist: Bonanza Banzai
Title: 1984
Genre: Synthpop
Country: Hungary
Release date: 1991

Track List:
  1. Szárnyas Fejvadász / Blade Runner
  2. Tánc A Vékony Jégen (Tánc Il.) / Dancing On Thin Ice (Dance Part Two)
  3. Mint Az Eső / Like The Rain
  4. Provokatőr / Provocateur
  5. Az Érinthetetlenek / The Untouchables
  6. Néma Film / Silent Film
  7. 1984
  8. Támadás / Attack
  9. Rendben / Right
  10. Nem Érdekel / I Don't Care
  11. Az Utolsó Pillanat / The Final Moment
  12. Techno Forever
I already have mentioned Bonanza Banzai on here some time ago, but let's repeat: they were one of the most famous among numerous Hungarian synthpop bands that appeared during the second half of the 1980s. It's benn said that most Hungarians that were in their teens during that time still know the lyrics of their best-known songs by heart. One of their former members, Ákos Kovács, is still very well known as a singer-songwriter.

The complete 1987-1994 discography of Bonanza Banzai can be found HERE in FLAC. My personal favourite is "1984", but other albums are pretty good too, especially the early ones.

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