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V/A - "New Eden Logs" [2014]

Artist: (various)
Title: New Eden Logs
Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Industrial Electronic, VGM
Country: Russia
Release date: 2014

Track List:

Peace Logs
  1. RealX - Pieces Of Shrapnel
  2. Niraia - Outer Ring Excavations
  3. Egri Lorenz - The Story Begin
  4. Sergrunt - The Paths They Chose
  5. Emika Neosignal - Digital Wormhole
  6. Emika Neosignal - Salute Hallur
  7. Aegis Systems - Temporal Flux
  8. Timshishkin - Long Ride to HZFJ-M
  9. Soundtch - Вoundless Sphere
  10. Soundtch - ATMO
  11. Timshishkin - Centermass
  12. Midnight Caretakers - Guiding Light the Cyno
  13. Midnight Caretakers - Thrust
War Logs
  1. Darkelina Sia - Intro for the War Side
  2. Aegis Systems - Contaminated
  3. ...Und Null Sekunden - Firefield (feat. Sergrunt)
  4. Darkelina Sia - Fight Is Our Destiny
  5. Darkelina Sia - Capital Fleet Is Approaching
  6. Lord Lacrima - Ice
  7. Lord Lacrima - Ore
  8. Radio Envy - Warp To Null
  9. Dante deLio - Now or Never
  10. Dante deLio - Demolition
  11. Andro & Jumper - Sansha
  12. Sergrunt - Armada Shards
  13. Dante deLio - Pursuit
  14. Sergrunt - Downblast
  15. Alex Rasher - Eternity
  16. Amoebacrew - Wind Rises 
Dead Logs
  1. Flesh to Stone - Krittika
  2. Flesh to Stone - Punarvasu
  3. ...Und Null Sekunden - Drones Drift
  4. ...Und Null Sekunden - W-Space & Time Dilation
  5. Lightwarrior - Glare Crust
  6. Andro & Jumper - Mekhios Graveyard
  7. Sergrunt - State of Industry
  8. Sergrunt - First Empress Kiss
  9. Darkelina Sia - New Eden Passion
  10. Desolo Sub Humus - New Order and Old Ice
  11. Alex Rasher - So There Is Morning
  12. Quizybuck - Space Is Too Bright
  13. Sergrunt - Tribal End 
New Eden Logs is a 3-part compilation of electronic music made by EVE Online players from the EVE-RU forum, released roughly an year ago by the rem.fever label of Nazar M. (Sergrunt, A Drama Radio) in close collaboration with the Mental Excitement net label (Cracked Core, ...Und Null Sekunden). It was authorized by EVE Online developers, and it includes one track from the composer of the official EVE Online OST (Jón Hallur aka RealX). I personally have never played EVE Online, but from the description it surely looks interesting, as it's the only popular PC game developed in Iceland as well as one of the very few popular MMORPGs with a sci-fi setting.

The compilation is more than 3 hours long, consisting of 3 parts: "Peace Logs", "War Logs" and "Dead Logs". "Peace Logs" feature mostly traditional space ambient/electronica, while "War Logs" are more dynamic (going even in the dubstep territory), and "Dead Logs" are more influenced by post-industrial and drone. Mastered and mixed by Amoebacrew, cover art by MarkArt, 3D graphics by fyr. Enjoy!

Peace Logs:

War Logs:

Dead Logs:

Peace Logs:

War Logs:

Dead Logs:

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