Saturday, October 31, 2015

Thy Catafalque - "Sgùrr" [2015]

Artist: Thy Catafalque
Title: Sgùrr
Genre: Avant-Garde Metal
Country: Hungary/UK
Release date: 2015

Track List:
  1. Zúgó
  2. Alföldi kozmosz
  3. Oldódó formák a halál titokzatos birodalmában
  4. A hajnal kék kapuja
  5. Élő lény
  6. Jura
  7. Sgùrr eilde mòr
  8. Keringő
  9. Zúgó
Tamás Kátai is back with a new album of his most well-known project, Thy Catafalque. I don't think he needs to be introduced to any of my readers (as I've already reviewed a lot of his works), nor I think I'd be able to write a better review of "Sgùrr" than this excellent one on Metal Bandcamp. So I'll just leave the Bandcamp link here, and let the music to speak for itself.

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