Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Технология - "Это война" [1996]

Artist: Технология
Title: Это война
Genre: Synthpop
Country: Russia
Release date: 1996

Track List:
  1. Телефон Небес
  2. Королева Дорог
  3. Яд
  4. Скорая Помощь
  5. Экран (Ненужный Тормоз)
  6. Не Последний Танец
  7. Это Война...
  8. Хранитель Тишины
  9. Тайга
  10. Вспоминай
  11. Ветер
After I published my previous entry, one of my readers rightfully pointed out that Технология's debut album isn't the only their release that worths attention. Their 1996 album (3rd in their discography) deserves to be checked out too, even if it doesn't contain such obvious hits as "Нажми на кнопку" or "Странные танцы".

During the mid-90s, the band has undergone serious line-up changes. Most importantly, Roman Ryabtsev (their original vocalist and songwriter) has quit the band in order to pursue a solo career in France. Despite that, the band managed to keep their "trademark" sound of their first two albums on this one (which can't be said about their 2009 reunion album, sadly). In the times when almost all the underground music in USSR has largely died due to a dire economical situation, and only the most mainstream commercial pop music has thrived, they've released possibly the most "dark" and depressive album in their discography. And just like their 1991 debut, it reflects the atmosphere of these times quite well. Even the title track, "This Is War", can be seen as a reference to the events of the 1st Chechen war (although the lyrics doesn't explicitly tell that...)

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