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Silent Woo Goore - "Toleźe" [2012]

Artist: Silent Woo Goore
Title: Toleźe
Genre: Folk-Rock, Progressive Rock
Country: Russia (Udmurtia)
Year: 2014

Track List:
  1. Kyrdźasa leźom ali
  2. Toleźe
  3. Gureź örjos
  4. Emeźe
  5. Kyźy meda lyktidy
  6. Töl
  7. Sirotа kyrdźan (Сиротская)
  8. A-i
  9. Alama ujvöt
  10. Chagyr dydyke
  11. Silent Woo Goore
To my knowledge, Silent Woo Goore, formed in mid-2008 in Izhevsk, are the only folk-rock band singing in Udmurt language. While the first word in their name is obviously English, "Woo Goore" is in Udmurt and (according to the band) means "song of water". So, "Silent Woo Goore" = "Silent Song of Water".

When I stumbled upon this album for the first time, it was tagged as "indie", so I initially assumed it to be some hipster garbage. It, however, turned out to be quite interesting and well played folk-rock with female vocals. "Toleźe", meaning "My Moon" is their first and only album up to date. It was recorded in August 2011 in Finland (except for the track "Töl", recorded one month earlier in Izhevsk). The digital version of "Toleźe" (including mp3s, album covers and song lyrics) is completely free to download.

After "Toleźe", SWG haven't released anything new so far, although their vocalist Svetlana Ruchkina has a solo project called Ladi Sveti. However, SWG actively perform live in their home region - just search for "Silent Woo Goore" on Youtube. Here's, for example, a video of them performing with a symphonic orchestra of Udmurtia:

They also have participated in the Liet International 2011 festival. As I already said in my entry about Marina Sadova, Liet Int. is an annual festival for the artists singining in minority languages. By the way, there was another Udmurt band (called IB&4CP) at Liet Int. 2012.

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