Saturday, May 9, 2015

Vladimir Harkonnen - "Siegesstimme" [2005]

Artist: Vladimir Harkonnen
Title: Siegesstimme
Genre: EBM, Dark Electro
Country: Russia
Year: 2005

Track List:
  1. Salz der Erde
  2. Re-Format
  3. Siegesstimme
  4. Radioaktivität [Hiroshima]
  5. Lichtende
  6. Siegesstimme [Neuro Remix]
Here's some military EBM which I think is relevant to post today (especially the title track, "Siegesstimme"). Vladimir Harkonnen is an industrial/electronic musician from Tomsk (Western Siberia) who was the founding member of an industrial metal/NDH band Panzertank, which was one of the best local Rammstein-style bands back in the middle of 2000s. If I'm not mistaken, he has German and Korean heritage. The moniker "Vladimir Harkonnen" is of course taken from Frank Herbert's Dune, although Vladimir might very well be his real name.

"Siegesstimme" is his debut EP which he recorded solo shortly before starting Panzertank. The sound on there might be a bit "naive" for nowadays' standards, but back then it was fairly good military EBM with a slight "8-bit" touch. The title track is certainly the best, yet there's a lot of other interesting material on this EP, including a cover of "Radioaktivität" by Kraftwerk. All the tracks are instrumental (not taking in account some voice samples here and there).

(in case if something happens with the download link above, here's an alternate free download link)

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