Friday, April 5, 2013

Overkill For Profit - demo [2010]

Artist: Overkill For Profit
Title: demo
Genre: Hardcore
Country: Azerbaijan
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Призрак свободы
  2. Право на выбор
The only hardcore punk band in Azerbaijan (and probably in all the neighbouring regions, formed in October 2008. They're one of very few (2-3) punk bands currently active in Azerbaijan (all of them are from Baku). According to their biography: "Their music can be characterized as melodic oldschool hardcore. Band’s lyrics touch upon such themes as religious fanaticism, social problems,sell-out politics and also feelings and life of ordinary people". They planned to release a full-length album this month, but apparently the release had been delayed to the 1st of June.

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