Saturday, April 27, 2013

Metal Lady - "Azé A Nő, Aki Megműveli" [1994]

Artist: Metal Lady
Title: Azé A Nő, Aki Megműveli
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Hungary
Release date: 1994

Track List:
  1. Azé A Nő, Aki Megműveli
  2. Szerelem-Szerelem
  3. Engedj El
  4. Élet, Ítélet 
  5. Ne Sírj
  6. Elfogyott Minden Szó
  7. Motor Metal
  8. Túl Késő
  9. Életem
  10. Nincs Idő
  11. Birkafarkas
The second and the last album of Ica Bíró, this time recorded with the help of members of Ossian - another classic Hungarian metal band, whose soundcan be described as "Accept+Manowar". Of course such kind of sound might be perceived as funny by today's standards, and not everyone might like the vocals, yet I like this album more than the debut one. My personal favourites are the title track, "Szerelem-Szerelem" and "Motor Metal". As for the "bodybuilding" part... not much into this stuff, to be honest, especially when it comes to female bodybuilding. Of course I find healthy bodies aesthetically appealing (who doesn't?), but most of what I see here (for example) only makes me want to puke. While some Ica Bíró's photos look somewhat over the top too (this one, for ex.), she looks quite good in most of her pics (my favourite ones are this and this), especially considering her age (she was born in 1957). It should also be taken in consideration that Hungary has lots of beautiful models, and she looks good even having a tough competition...

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