Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Agent Steel - "Skeptics Apocalypse" [1985]

Artist: Agent Steel
Title: Skeptics Apocalypse
Genre: Heavy/Speed Metal
Country: USA
Release date: 1985

Track List:
  1. The Calling
  2. Agents of Steel
  3. Taken by Force
  4. Evil Eye/Evil Minds
  5. Bleed for the Godz
  6. Children of the Sun
  7. 144,000 Gone
  8. Guilty as Charged
  9. Back to Reign
  10. Calling '98 for Skeptics (bonus)
  11. The Unexpected (live)
Another US melodic metal classic, released in 1985. It's the only full-length Agent Steel album that's remarkable for high-pitched vocals and catchy guitar melodies; on their following albums they've switched to a more standard thrash metal sound. While some people definitely will find J.Cyriis' vocal style too "over the top", his multi-octave voice is really outstanding. Lyrically, they're quite similar to Veratu and Naakhum, favouring the topics of conspiracies/aliens/doomsday prophecies over the standard fantasy stuff that's usually found in heavy metal lyrics (just one or two years before Voivod started to explore similar topics in their lyrics). Honestly I'm a huge sceptic and have a lot of hate for most ufologists, conspiracy theorists and pseudoscientists; on the other hand, I love sci-fi and mysterious facts/accidents that doesn't appear to be obvious made-up bullshit (unfortunately, most UFO/paranormal/conspiracy stories surely are), so I don't have any problems with admiring the music and lyrics of Agent Steel . "144,000 Gone" is a little masterpiece.

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