Friday, March 15, 2013

GuilThee - "Homunculus Paradoxon" [2011]

Artist: GuilThee
Title: Homunculus Paradoxon
Genre: Avant-garde Metal
Country: Hungary
Release date: 2011

Track List:
  1. Introitus Tragoediae
  2. Succubi
  3. Red-Hand Succubi Theory
  4. Chorion
  5. The First Experiment
  6. Manna Di San Nikola
  7. Die Vier Junkfrauen
  8. Digitale Gaudium
  9. Zitije Hermesovo
  10. Spire Disaster
  11. Hübrisz
  12. Útban délnek
It's been a while since my last post about Hungarian avantgarde music, so I think it's about time to review one of the most interesting Hungarian metal releases of 2011. Guilthee are an unlabellable band from Veszprém, started in 2006 by a former member of Sunseth Sphere. While their first album "Lustration" was more death metal than anything else (it was already pretty avant-garde, though), "Homunculus Paradoxon" is a whole metal opera with several male and female vocalists, incorporation elements of groove metal, industrial metal, gothic rock and psychedelic metal/rock (especially on first 3 tracks, which aren't representative of the album as a whole). My favourite track is "Chorion", but "Red-Hand Succubi Theory", "Manna Di San Nikola" and "Die Vier Junkfrauen" are quite good too... however, it's a concept album which is better to be listened as a while. And finally: not only it fits my taste almost perfectly, it's also available for free off their official site:

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