Sunday, March 10, 2013

Azken Garrasia - "Sorgin Zorrotz" [2005]

Artist: Azken Garrasia
Title: Sorgin Zorrotz
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Spain (Basque Country)
Release date: 2005

Track List:
  1. Suzko Bidetik I
  2. Apokalipsia
  3. Bizitzaren Baitan
  4. Boterearen Gainbehera
  5. Hor Nonbait
  6. Zure Munduko Giltza
  7. Suzko Bidetik II
  8. Naufragoarena
  9. Sorgin Zorrotz
  10. Ilgora
More or less standard heavy metal, except all the lyrics are in Basque language. Even if you're not interested in metal in exotic languages, I still would recommend this album if you're looking for obscure/underrated bands that sound better than the majority of generic heavy/power metal bands.

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