Thursday, March 7, 2013

Иное - "Кувшины" [2010]

Artist: Иное
Title: Кувшины
Genre: Jazz-Rock, Acoustic, Folk-Rock
Country: Russia (Dagestan)
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Мелодия
  2. Коты
  3. Не Ходи
  4. Тропою Шейха
  5. Утюд
  6. Урарту
  7. Танго
  8. Чёрным колдунам белого севера... (bonus)
  9. Акку-Акку (bonus)
  10. В горном лесу (bonus)
...And probably the most interesting discovery of this evening - a jazz-rock band formed by Islam Ibragimov, ex-member of Fatima's Band (and possibly Abscess). All 7 tracks on this album are quite lengthy and entirely instrumental; the musicianship is quite good but nothing outstanding. Bonus tracks are more interesting: the music is pretty much the same, but there are vocals performed in a quite strange, "oriental" way; and the lyrics are a complete mindfuck. After listening to this, I'd say the band justifies its name: their sound is really different. I'd describe their sound as "esoteric folk-jazz-prog-rock", and it's quite a surprise for me to hear something like this coming from Dagestan. A greater surprise would be only a folk/pagan metal band singing in Avar or Lakku... however, this kind of psychedelic "oriental" rock is even more interesting than any kind of metal. Sadly (but unsurprisingly), it looks like they're almost unknown even in their home region...

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