Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pornostroika Dadaifi - "Oi poleis tis kokkinis nyxtas" [2006]

Artist: Pornostroika Dadaifi
Title: Οι Πόλεις της Κόκκινης Νύχτας
Genre: "Dadacore", Industrial Punk, Spoken Word
Country: Greece
Release date: 2006

Track List:
  1. Xara
  2. Poleis tis kokkinis nyxtas
  3. I anazitisi tis kantath
  4. NEA EUROPI/kokkini nyxta panw ap tin Europi
  5. 777 peripolia tis kolaseos
  6. Oneiro
  7. Trekste/Efialtis
  8. Efialtis
  9. Emmones
  10. Mataiodoksia
  11. Skoteino asteri
  12. Maza
  13. X-to lykofos ton pornokratoron
  14. Ekdikisi
Can't deny that I picked this band mostly because of the funny name ;), but also because of their associations with dadaism, futurism, cyberpunk, Neue Slowenische Kunst, Situationist movement and many other interesting political and cultural phenomena (btw, this album is named after W.Burroughs' book "Cities of the Red Night").
They have a vast discography, but unfortunately most of their early stuff appeared to be just unlistenable (however, so are many of early-80s industrial projects... it's anti-music, after all). I also can't understand Greek language, so I'm unable to understand the lyrical content of this album (which seems to be very interesting). Of course this album isn't the most people's cup of tea, but in case if you like it, I can also recommend "To teleytaio Express apo tin Troia" by the same band.

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