Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mirror of Death - "Cybernetic Era" [2010]

Artist: Mirror of Death
Title: Кибернетическая Эра
Genre: EBM/Dark Electro, "Military Aggrotech"
Country: Russia
Release date: 2010

Track List:
  1. Кибернетическая Эра
  2. Full Moon (bonus)
Mirror Of Death is a band led by Pavel Nesterov who lives in Khabarovsk (Russia, Far East), and it's one of the most promising projects on today's Russian industrial music scene. Unfortunately, this 2-track EP is quite short and doesn't contain my favourite track by MoD, "Борт №402" (however, it does appear on the other EP by MoD called "Discrimination" - but I could find only a few tracks from it). The first track, "Cybernetic Era" is really good even in comparison with world-class dark electro hits, while the second one is quite average. Even though I'm not very fond of stalinist and militaristic ideology of the band (Laibach have used such ideology as well, but only for aesthetic purposes - while P.Nesterov seems to be very serious about his beliefs), I really appreciate the music. Future releases by Mirror of Death are said to have female vocals and lyrics in German, so I can't wait for the new tracks...

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