Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sacra Arcana - "Titkos Szertartás" [2005]

Artist: Sacra Arcana
Title: Titkos Szertartás
Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Hungary
Release date: 2005

Track List:
  1. Isten Kardja
  2. Fekete sereg
  3. Visszavárnak az álmokba
  4. A magyarok Szent-Gallenben
  5. Miller's Tale
  6. A szegényember és a halál
  7. Ugass a farkasokkal
  8. 'Round the Fields of Athenry
Sacra Arcana is a Hungarian folk metal band too, but they don't sound much like Dalriada. Most importantly, there aren't much female vocals: they have a female violinist who does some vocals, but the lead vocals are male. Most of their lyrics are in Hungarian, except for a couple of Celtic folk songs. In the Encyclopedia Metallum, their lyrical themes are listed as "Magyarism, Hungarian medieval history". Don't know what they meant by "magyarism", but it's definitely not so-called "hungarism" or any other nationalist ideology: I've talked to one of their members on last.fm a couple of years ago, and according to him, the band is definitely not nationalist, "nemzeti rock" or anything like that. As of today, Sacra Arcana seems to by split up, after releasing only one album. What a pity...

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