Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kazdalevsky / Cracked Core / First Sleg - RMX split [2011]

Artist: Kazdalevsky / Cracked Core / First Sleg
Title: RMX split
Label: Mental Excitement
Genre: Electronic / Industrial / Synthpop
Country: Russia
Release date: 2011

Track List:

  1. Цон [Cracked Core Summer mix]
  2. И пришла TTL-весна [Original 2010 mix]
Cracked Core
  1. SoAT [Kazdalevsky Stalled into flat spin mix]
  2. Militarity Theme [Synroc Warhead mix]
First Sleg
  1. Sunday Dub [Original Oldtape mix]
This split EP is a product of collaboration between two Russian experimental electronic musicians, and I already introduced one of them to you. It isn't as depressive and introspective as the majority of other works by Cracked Core, since these tracks were intended to carry a "positive" feeling of spring. As for First Sleg, it's an experimental/synthpop project by the same two people, and it's their first release under this moniker. Just like all the releases by Cracked Core, it's free for downloading and redistributing.

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