Friday, November 12, 2010

N.Y. Niggers - "Just Like Dresden '45 / Headliner" [1979]

Artist: New York Niggers
Title: Just Like Dresden '45 / Headliner
Genre: Punk Rock
Country: USA
Release date: 1979

Track List:
  1. Just Like Dresden '45
  2. Headliner
N.Y.Niggers (New York Niggers) (NYN Records NYN 100, 7", 1979?)
Just like Dresden '45 (D. Runge) / Headliner (L. Faison)
Produced by L. Faison & D. Runge

This band's name is awesome for sure! That's why I started a search for their music, and I wasn't disappointed. I haven't expected such nice melodic sound for a late 70's punk rock band... but it's probably because I'm not very familiar with that kind of music in general. That's my fault, I probably shall look a bit more into early punk scene.

Not much is known about New York Niggers. However, you can find their biography and the lyrics for their first and only 7'' here.

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  1. You've stumbled onto one of the greatest bands of the time. Took me years of searching to find these guys. Count yourself lucky!