Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Shalt Become - "Poison" [2010]

Artist: I Shalt Become
Title: Poison
Label: Moribund Records
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: USA
Release date: 2010

Track list:
  1. Like a Lamb to the Slaughter...
  2. Black Swan Events
  3. Harlow's Vertical Chamber Apparatus
  4. No Quarter At the Somme
  5. Ghosts
  6. Leaving Watership Down
  7. The Swarming of the Locusts
  8. Doubt
  9. The Finest Cut of the Scalpel
  10. Absolve Me
This is the latest release of an American one-man DSBM project I Shalt Become, led by S. Holliman. I Shalt Become is often rumoured to be an NSBM band, mostly because it's first demo was released under the moniker "Birkenau". However, it isn't a political project, and S.Holliman has confirmed that the name "Birkenau" was chosen only to be a statement on the horrific nature of mankind.

For me, "Poison" is the best work by ISB. I wasn't much impressed by ISB's debut album, and I haven't heard two previous full-lengths ("Requiem" & "The Pendle Witch Trials"), but I really enjoyed "Poison". It's great depressive BM with symphonic overtones, even though the vocals may be done better... Without a doubt, it's very "wintry" and melancholic music. And is there a possibility for the track #6 to be influenced by R.Adams' "Watership Down"? Judging from the lyrics ("A prophet saw the fields run red..."), it's quite possible.

I wouldn't include a download link here, since it's a recent release, and you'd better buy it, if you live in the United States. Otherwise you can try to search it on mediafire or rapidshape (it's not too difficult).

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