Friday, December 11, 2020

Cold Sight - "My Pompeii" [2019]

Artist: Cold Sight
Title: My Pompeii
Genre: Symphonic/Modern Metal
Country: Russia
Release date: 2019

Track List:

  1. My Pompeii
  2. Stranger's Tale

Much like Neuroheart, Cold Sight were started as a typical female-fronted symphonic metal band, but after several years of hiatus and significant lineup changes, their sound became closer to so-called "modern metal" in the vein of Amaranthe, which is evident on this 2-track EP. 

Cold Sight were formed in Bryansk in the late 2000s and released their debut album "A/H1N1" in 2013 (honestly, the A/H1N1 epidemic was a rather weird choice for an album theme, given its genre - but it looks prophetic now, during those COVID-19 times). 6 years later, with the only two original members remaining - the frontwoman Natalia Zolotova and the bassist and backing vocalist Alex "Quitty" Chernov" - they've recorded this EP, this time with lyrics in English. Just like "A/H1N1", it was produced by Dmitry Eliseev (Fferyllt, Iahsari), but this time the quality of recording is much better, and the sound is more "modern", electronic-infused. The band describes "My Pompeii" as "a symbol of self-liberation and transcending the boundaries".

By the way, Natalia definitely is one of the girls I was talking about in my previous entry, and while she never was a professional model, she has done quite a lot of beautiful photoshoots. She loves cats too, and owns several (this one is half Maine Coon, half Siberian):

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