Saturday, November 21, 2020

Iahsari - "Shrine of the Ancient Gods" [2018]

Artist: Iahsari
Title: Shrine of the Ancient Gods
Genre: Symphonic/Folk Metal
Country: Georgia
Year: 2018

Track List:

  1. Daisi (Intro)
  2. Unbowed (Blood of Colchis)
  3. Sirenum Scopuli
  4. Shatilis Asulo (Maiden of Shatili)
  5. Gelino
  6. Wind Divine
  7. Sword's Outcry
  8. The Dream
  9. Old Man's Grief
  10. Epilogue

Turns out that quite good symphonic metal exists in Georgia too. Iahsari were formed in Tbilisi in late 2015 by former bembers of several Russian and Georgian metal bands (Fferyllt, Harmonium, Tanelorn). Their name refers to Iakhsari, a deity in the Georgian mythology who's the son of Gmerti, the creator of universe. On "Shrine of the Ancient Gods" they play "cinematic" symphonic metal with dual male/female vocals (+ several guest vocalists) and lots of folk elements. My personal favourite is "Gelino", which is metal version of a traditional Georgian folk song:

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