Friday, January 29, 2016

Ultima Thule (EST) - s/t [1988]

Artist: Ultima Thule
Title: Ultima Thule
Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Folk-Rock
Country: Estonian SSR
Release date: 1988

Track List: 

  1. Turbatuli
  2. Vägev Vähk
  3. Hingan
  4. Aed
  5. Muusea
  6. Hallaöö
  7. Tuulemeelne
  8. Laulev Jögi
...No, it's not that infamous "viking rock" band from Sweden you probably have immediately thought after seeing "Ultima Thule" in the title. This Ultima Thule was formed in Tallin in 1986 by professional musicians that have played in many locally known bands before, and their style is quite accurately  described as "
a blend of blues rock with witty lyrics and influences of Estonian folk music", comparable to another well-known Estonian blues rock band, Gunnar Grapps' Magnetic Band. The vocalist on this album is Tõnis Mägi, who's much better known for his solo career. Nice album cover with petroglyphs, BTW :)

(if the link above doesn't work, try downloading it track-by-track from this site)

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