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Промышленная Архитектура - "Любовь и технология" [1988]

Artist: Промышленная Архитектура
Title: Любовь и технология
Genre: Post-Punk, EBM
Country: USSR
Release date:1988

Track List:
  1. Точки (Инструктор)
  2. Индустриальный оргазм
  3. Детерминизм
  4. Нет бога
  5. Политический труп
  6. Погранвойска
  7. Church of Reason
  8. Речь сторонника
  9. Дети госпиталей
Промышленная Архитектура / Industrial Architecture was a short-lived project of Dmitry Selivanov, the guitarist of Siberian punk legends Gr.Ob. "Short-lived" in the most literal sense of these words - he commited suicide in April 1989 at the age of 25. There were strong suicidal themes in the music of most Siberian punk bands of that time, so it was expected that someone from that scene would do it sooner or later. Alexander Bashlachev, although not a part of Siberian punk scene but pretty close to it, commited suicide earlier in 1988, and Yanka Dyagileva died under mysterious circumstances in 1991. While not as well-known as these two, Dmitry Selivanov also was a talented musician, and it's sad that the only recordings of his solo project are this album ("Love & Technology") and the live album "Live Architecture".

The sound of "Love & Technology" is certainly rooted in post-punk and new wave which was very popular by the end of 80s when this album was released, but it also sounds surprisingly close to some early EBM acts. I think it's safe to say that it's one of the first (if not the very first) proper industrial music releases in the USSR, whose author knew for sure what exactly he's doing. Surely there also were Linija Mass, Center, StereoZoldat and ZGA, but they either didn't release anything until the 90s (the debut album of ZGA was released only in 1989, for example), or their belonging to the industrial music scene is questionable (StereoZoldat, early Center). While the album is very poorly produced (just like other Siberian punk albums of that time, though), and I don't like the vocal work at all, it's still an interesting document of that era. Check out this song if you're unsure whether to download it or not:

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