Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Neutral - "Serpents In The Dawn" [2008]

Artist: Neutral
Title: Serpents In The Dawn
Genre: Neofolk
Country: Russia
Release date: 2008

Track List:
  1. Tales Of Men And Trees
  2. Starfall Of The Nevermore
  3. Serpents In The Dawn
  4. Gift Of The Sea
  5. Next To The Stars
  6. Woods Of Autumn Blaze
  7. No One To Follow
  8. Luna 
Ash, Neutral's frontman, has cited "Serpents In The Dawn" as one of his favourite releases in Neutral's discography, along with the first two demos ("The Dream That Destroys The Dreamer" and "When Angels Are Neutral") which aren't neofolk. I have to agree with him: it's indeed the best full-length release of Neutral, and "Luna" in particular is one of the best neofolk tracks with lyrics in Russian I've heard so far (special thanks to Ash for writing really good lyrics, which are far more mature and nowhere near as edgy as the lyrics of early Majdanek Waltz, Ritual Front, or Wolfsblood). After "Serpents In The Dawn" was released in early 2008, the project was put on hold for about 7 years, not releasing anything new and not playing live. However, last year Ash presented a new full-length album, titled "Дни Самозабвения". Some people have complained that Neutral has shifted from neofolk to more regular singer-songwriter stuff like Rome did recently, but I think the new album isn't bad either (although still doesn't reach the level of "Serpents In The Dawn).

Someone in the comment section under this video has offered a poetic translation of this song (yes, it's one of the rare cases when Youtube comments aren't completely worthless). It isn't 100% faithful to the original, but that's completely understandable, and the translator tried his best to leave the rhyme and the original meaning mostly intact:

".....Sons of thine left their homes and their hearths in silence 
And in empty trenches grew cold with a smile 
Through no fault of our own all but covered by war 
Our sons paid the price our crimes redressing

Only Luna of old is perpetually cold 
Never shining for us foreign shores alone caressing ........ 

Called them by their names and their memories honoured 
And your death in its blackened lips I did kiss 
Hides forever the grass voice and words in the past 
None will ever return for my sorrow to lessen

Only Luna of old is perpetually cold 
Never shining for us foreign cities alone caressing

I do not blame thee I do not trust omens 
Silent gait of the slaves followed by their masters 
Our idols do lie, our horses run wild 
Even gods are oft times ensnared in the netting

Only Luna of old is perpetually cold 
Never shining for us foreign cities alone caressing

You and I like all others shall fade into stillness
With our secrets forever by vines entangled
Wind, forgetful and strong to those living and young
Will again be its carefree song addressing

Only Luna of old is perpetually cold
Never shining for us, alien shores alone caressing..."

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