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Давид Тухманов - "По Волне Моей Памяти" [1976]

Artist: Давид Тухманов
Title: По волне моей памяти
Genre: Art Rock, Symphonic Rock
Country: USSR
Release date: 1976

Track List:
  1. Я Мысленно Вхожу В Ваш Кабинет
  2. Из Сафо
  3. Из Вагантов
  4. Приглашение К Путешествию
  5. Доброй Ночи
  6. По Волне Моей Памяти
  7. Сентиментальная Прогулка
  8. Сердце Мое, Сердце
  9. Смятение
  10. Посвящение В Альбом 
Unlike the tapes I was posting here before, this vinyl isn't an underground release - it was a work of a well-known and reputable composer (David Tukhmanov), and became a best seller in the USSR right after it was released. One of the copies of it, bought by my mother in 1976, still lies on my shelf, although I don't have an equipment to play it.

This is a concept album, recorded by Tukhmanov and a number of collaborators (many of which later became well-known musicians) secretly during 1975, and was presented as a work inspired by classical music and poetry. In fact, it was probably the first Soviet art rock album that was released officially (and immediately became so popular that all its copies were sold out within few days). Can't think of any other release of that era that was sounding like this (although several Soviet rock operas from 1975-85 come to mind, yet they still can't be compared to this album).

"Some amateurs of rock said that On a Wave of My Memory is a Russian Sergeant (they meant Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band). I would prefer to recollect «great albums» of Pink Floyd, but I want to tell about another. Imagine the circle and place the tracks clockwise. You will see from right to left and from top to down:

Top — Prologue (Voloshin) & Epilogue (Mickiewicz)
Top chord — Female songs (Sappho & Akhmatova)
Diameter — German poetry (Vagantes & Goethe)
Down chord — French poetry (Baudelaire & Verlaine)
Down — Shelley, Invisible Counterpoint, Guillén"

(Vadim Nikolayev, "Notes About Russian Rock", 2011)

The export edition of this LP, released in 1978, was titled "On The Crest Of My Memory" and had the following track list:
  1. I Step Into Your Study In My Thoughts (lyr. Maximilian Voloshin, perf. Mehrdad Badie)
  2. From Sapho (lyr. Sappho, tr. V.Veresaeva, perf. Natalia Kapustina)
  3. From Vagrant Poetry (lyr. Vagantes XI-XIII c., tr. L.Ginzburg, perf. Igor Ivanov)
  4. Invitation To A Journey (lyr. Charles Baudelaire, tr. I.Ozerov, perf. Alexander Barykin)
  5. Good Night (lyr. Percey Bysshe Shelley, perf. Mehrdad Badie)
  6. On The Crest Of My Memory (lyr. Nicolás Guillén, tr. I.Tynyanov, perf. Vladislav Andrianov)
  7. Sentimental Journey (lyr. Paul Verlaine, tr. A.Efron, perf. Sergey Belikov)
  8. Heart, My Heart (lyr. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, tr. V.Levika, perf. Alexander Lerman)
  9. Perturbation (lyr. Anna Akhmatova, perf. Lyudmila Barykina)
  10. Dedication In The Album (lyr. Adam Mickiewicz, tr. S.Kirsanov, perf. vocal band "The Contemporary")

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