Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Христос Пантократор - "Theos" [1997]

Artist: Христос Пантократор
Title: Theos
Genre: Ritual Industrial, Noise
Country: Russia
Release date: 1997

Track List:
  1. Апостол
  2. Мёртвым
  3. Идолатрие
  4. Moirae
  5. Крестный ход - Lex Aeterna
  6. Кокон
  7. Ничто - Темница - Цитадель
  8. Астроном
  9. Бог Дёрн 
  10. Аист - Nomine
Христос Пантократор / Christ Pantocrator were the first ritual noise project from my city, started by Nikita Borisov and Nikolay Morar in summer 1994. The former also was the local pioneer of analog noise with his project Res Nulluis that was started in late 1992. They occasionally worked with other musicians (Mikhail Slepchenkov - guitar, Alena Bolotova - drums, Svetlana Sinyakina - vocals), but these were only short-time collaborations.

The band recorded several albums during their existence, but never performed live, mostly due to their "blasphemous" name and imagery. Their music wasn't received well back then, and they split up in spring 1997 after releasing their best album "Theos". Surely there are better ritual industrial acts out there, but this album offers a powerful "shamanic"/occult atmosphere and some fans of obscure ritual noise might find it interesting. Moreover, it's a valuable historical document from a place where the underground music scene was never particularly powerful (sadly...)

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