Thursday, January 10, 2019

Northern Haze - "ᓯᕿᓐᓈᕈᑦ (Sinnaktuq)" [1986]

Artist: Northern Haze
Title: Sinnaktuq
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
Country: Canada
Release date: 1986

Track List: 

  1. Qailaurit (Come Here)
  2. Nutaraq (Poor Child)
  3. Quviasuk (Let's Have a Good Time)
  4. Puigo (Can't Forget)
  5. Sinnaktuq (Dreams)
  6. Anivunga (Set Free)
  7. Trust
  8. Inusivut (Our Life)
  9. Uvaguk (You and I)
This album is believed to be the first rock/metal release with lyrics in an indigenous language of North America. Northern Haze were formed in a small Inuit village in the far north of Canada (Nunavit) in 1984 or 1985, and released only one album during their heyday. They've reformed in 2017 and recorded a new album not long ago, but with a different lineup, as their original bassist died of cancer, and their former guitarist/vocalist was murdered. As for their classic 1986 album, it turned out to be lot less "exotic" than I've expected (pretty simplistic 80s hard rock, but with lyrics in the Inuit language), but nevertheless it would be an interesting discovery for anyone who's interested in the minor indigenous languages and cultures of the Arctic.

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