Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vintersorg - "Ödemarkens Son" [1999]

Artist: Vintersorg
Title: Ödemarkens Son
Genre: Folk/Viking Metal
Country: Sweden
Release date: 1999

Track List:
  1. När Alver Sina Runor Sjungit
  2. Svältvinter
  3. Under Norrskenets Fallande Ljusspel
  4. Månskensmän
  5. Ödemarkens Son
  6. Trollbunden
  7. Offerbäcken
  8. I Den Trolska Dalens Hjärta
  9. På Landet
While most fans of Vintersorg love Andreas Hedlund for his viking metal albums, I personally prefer his more "progressive" works. This, however, doesn't mean I don't enjoy his early releases - in particular, this one. Along with the 1998 debut "Till Fjälls" (which, unfortunately, has a relatively poor quality of production, but the songwriting itself is still great), this albums presents viking metal the way it should be. During the last few years, Hedlund made several attempts of returning to this kind of sound - in my opinion, without much success, and "Ödemarkens Son" remains my favourite among his "viking" albums (although I do have high hopes for "Till Fjälls, del. 2", which is going to come out this summer).

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