Friday, May 12, 2017

Vintersorg - "The Focusing Blur" [2004]

Artist: Vintersorg
Title: The Focusing Blur
Genre: Progressive Metal
Country: Sweden
Release date: 2004

Track List:
  1. Prologue Dialogue - The Reason
  2. The Essence
  3. The Thesis' Seasons
  4. Matrix Odyssey
  5. Star Puzzled
  6. A Sphere in a Sphere (To Infinity)
  7. A Microscopical Macrocosm
  8. Blindsight Complexity
  9. Dark Matter Mystery (Blackbody Spectrum)
  10. Curtains
  11. Artifacts of Chaos
  12. Epilogue Metalogue - Sharpen Your Mind Tools
After posting all 3 Oxiplegatz albums here, I realized that I haven't posted anything by Vintersorg yet, while it's one of my favourite bands of all times and certainly my #1 favourite one in the ill-defined "progressive metal" scene. Surely they're better known for their viking metal works, but their "progressive" side appeals to me more - not in the least because I've studied most of their lyrical subjects in the university, and I used to listen to this exact album while preparing to the most difficult exams. This is probably the most complex release by Vintersorg, featuring quite rich and elaborate song structures and many different vocal styles within one song, and it'd probably be hard for you to get into if you already aren't familiar with the band. While I'd recommend to start exploring the "progressive" side of Vintersorg from "Cosmic Genesis" or "Visions from the Spiral Generator" instead, this one is definitely worth attention too.

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