Sunday, May 22, 2016

Irfan - "The Eternal Return" [2015]

Artist: Irfan
Title: The Eternal Return
Genre: Neofolk, Ethereal
Country: Bulgaria
Release date: 2015

Track List:
  1. Eternal Return
  2. The Cave Of Swimmers
  3. Burana
  4. Salamander
  5. In The Gardens of Armida
  6. Ispariz
  7. The Golden Horn
  8. Tebe Poem
  9. Day to Pray
  10. Nehet
Beside some metal bands (most of which play very generic and unoriginal music, unfortunately), I don't know much about Bulgarian underground music, so a Bulgarian neofolk band comparable to early TMATN was a really interesting find for me. "The Eternal Return" already was reviewed by numerous sites and magazines, so I think I can't add up much to these reviews, yet I should confirm that Irfan's music is very beautiful. The Middle Eastern influences are very apparent, and the amount of exotic folk instruments used on this album (duduk, tambourine, various sorts of oud and saz, etc., etc.) is quite impressive. Some people say that it's too similar to Dead Can Dance and not in a good way, but I personally don't see a problem here (even if I'm not a fan of DCD and other 4AD bands).

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