Monday, May 2, 2016

Der Steinkopf - "Die Hypnose" [2003]

Artist: Der Steinkopf
Title: Die Hypnose
Genre: Punk
Country: Russia
Release date: 2003

Track List: 
  1. Fliehende Gedanken
  2. Pinderschloss
  3. Дармоеды
  4. Keine Platz für dich     
  5. Die Hypnose
  6. Vogel
  7. Музыка В Стиле Ска
  8. Kranke Gesellschaft
  9. Ни-ши-ша
  10. Der Hass
  11. Keine Arbeit
  12. Твой Выбор
  13. Einerlei
  14. Цель
  15. Heute Nacht (Dödelhaie cover)
Der Steinkopf are a relatively old band by the measures of Russian punk scene - they were formed in 1996, but the idea of playing punk with lyrics in German came to them in early 1990s, when they found out about the Deutschpunk scene. By mid-2000s, they got considerable recognition in Germany, and have played live with Dödelhaie(which is currently my favourite Deutschpunk band). There's a roughly equal amount of songs with lyrics in German and Russian on this particular album; nevertheless, it's good to see a Russian band singing in German that's not just another Rammstein clone.

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