Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vermi Sinti - "Sequoiae" [2012]

Artist: Vermi Sinti
Title: Sequoiae
Genre: Industrial/Darkcore/DnB
Country: Hungary
Release date: 2012

Track List:
  1. Sequintro
  2. Ruined
  3. The Younger Son of Apocalypse
  4. Magnolia Soulangeana
  5. Just a Little More
  6. Born Beneath Birches
  7. Let Me Breathe For You
  8. Te Veo
  9. WinterWall
"Vermi Sinti is a Hungarian musical project which started when the first snow fell on the ground on a cold day of December in 2010. The name is originated from a spanish expression, however it is better if its meaning remains a mystery. As for the musical genre, I would call it experimental in a sense that the purpose of the project is to make a fusion of different styles, mainly electronic (industrial and darkcore), but some metal stuff is present too. Neither it is by accident that the sound is noisy, confusing and often raw"

Maybe it isn't the best example of Hungarian avantgarde music (I personally would prefer it to be more metal and less dnb), but it's already quite good for a debut self-release. The EP is completely free:

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