Tuesday, May 14, 2013

V/A - "Darkwave from the South: Music From The Other America V" [2011]

Artist: (various)
Title: Darkwave from the South: Music From The Other America V
Genre: Darkwave, Gothic Rock
Country: (various)
Release date: 2011

Track List:
  1. Réquiem Para Nadie - Fuego [Uruguay]
  2. Electroespectro - Soneto de Una Maquina [Argentina]
  3. Denébola - Ángel sin Cielo [Chile]
  4. MekRokieV - Respiro (Demo) [Mexico]
  5. Das Projekt - Morbid Love [Brazil]
  6. Ewiges Delirium - En Busqueda de un Eterno Resplandor [Colombia]
  7. TaxidermiA - Mentes Oscuras [Venezuela]
  8. Antonio Amador - Fantasma [Mexico]
  9. Miguel ERRE - Cáscaras Vacías [Argentina]
  10. RRRRRRR - Transmission (Trance-Mission) [Uruguay]
  11. Hemophilia - Quito Siniestro [Ecuador]
  12. Persephone Eyes - Take the Chalice [Brazil]
  13. Dulce Muerte - Maldoror (Maldoror cover) [Peru]
  14. Draconian Incubus - City Of Lovers [Costa Rica]
  15. Megadriel - Rape of Innocence [Puerto Rico]
  16. Fixion - (No) Quiero Ser Dios [Uruguay]
  17. Xianotic - This Abyss In Your Arms (2010) [Chile]
  18. Epic Church - Flow My Tears (Short Edit) [Brazil]
  19. Amöniacö - Caer (Single Version) [Chile]
  20. Sunset Down - A Far Place (Horses) [Brazil]
The 5th (and probably the latest up to date) "Darkwave from the South" compilation. Of course, like the previous parts, it has a lot of weak tracks (many of the included bands are either copying European gothic scene, or just have too "amateur"-ish sound), but it's still a good source of underground darkwave and gothic rock with lyrics in Spanish. My personal favourite is "Ángel sin Cielo" by Denébola.

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