Thursday, February 21, 2013

Xasthur (SGP) - "Hidden Lore" [1992]

Artist: Xasthur
Title: Hidden Lore
Genre: Old School Black Metal
Country: Singapore
Release date: 1992

Track List:
  1. Intro: Xasthurisma...
  2. Hidden Lore
  3. Grant the Pedastry
  4. Ceremonial Oath
I'm not a big fan of black metal in its "true" form,but it doesn't stops me from enjoying some rare 1st & 2nd wave BM demos. This particular demo was recorded in 1992 (according to some other sources, in 1994) in Singapore by a band named "Xasthur" (which was formed in 1986, way before the well-known American band under the same name). As you could expect, this demo features raw blackened thrash metal influenced by such bands as Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Blasphemy, and even My Dying Bride (the closing track, "Ceremonial Oath", has some solid riffs that could very well be used by any doom metal band). Before listening to "Hidden Lore" I didn't knew anything about Singaporean black metal scene (which turned out to be unexpectedly big, and mostly comprised of raw "bestial" BM bands). Xasthur split up in early 1998, and never released anything beside "Hidden Lore" and a single track called "Empowered Thy Throne" (6:42, recorded circa 1993).

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