Monday, February 25, 2013

Veratu / Naakhum - split [2011]

Artist: Veratu / Naakhum
Genre: Avant-Garde Black Metal (Veratu), Industrial Rock / Ambient (Naakhum)
Country: USA / Spain (Catalonia)
Release date: 2011

Track list:
  1. Veratu - ((M))aligned to more than Stars [Split version]
  2. Naakhum - Humanae Libertas (Revolution)
  3. Veratu - ((High))Priest of the Chituari
  4. Naakhum - Stone of the Five Eras
  5. Veratu - I've Travelled from the Pleiades
  6. Naakhum - Democracia Real
Well, I've already reviewed one of Veratu's releases, but their 3 tracks on this split are clearly their best (and definitely better than their debut album as a whole). As for Naakhum, it's not metal at all, but the concept behind the music of Veratu and Naakhum is pretty much the same (with an addition of some political subjects in case of Naakhum). A great split overall, definitely recommended to anyone interested in space/sci-fi/political-themed experimental music... and what's the best, it's a free (Creative Commons) release!

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