Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sand Aura - "Elegy Of The Orient" [2012]

Artist: Sand Aura
Title: Elegy Of The Orient
Genre: Folk Metal, Progressive Rock
Country: Egypt
Release date: 2012

Track List:
  1. The Sand Aura (From the Land of Nod)
  2. Aljahelia
  3. The Orphaned Child I (Pilgrimage for His Name)
  4. The Orphaned Child II (Fountain in the Desert)
  5. Fountains of Moses
  6. Ya Sabbya
  7. The Shepherd's Elegy
  8. Sidi Abd El-Raheem
Sand Aura are the first Egyptian metal band I came across. While their debut album, "Elegy Of The Orient", isn't quite as good as "Desert Call" by Myrath, the style is similar, and I definitely would recommend it for anyone who's interested in folk metal/rock with oriental themes. By the way, the 5th track ("Fountains of Moses") is one of the most unusual interpretations of Hava Nagila I've ever heard (along with the one by Rootwater). If you wand a download link, try a filestube search and have a good listen, while in the hometown of Sand Aura various political factions are bickering over the project of a new constitution.

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