Thursday, December 20, 2012

Demokhratia ‎- "Bled El Petrole Takoul Lekhra" [2009]

Artist: Demokhratia
Title: Bled El Petrole Takoul Lekhra
Genre: Hardcore
Country: Algeria
Release date: 2009

Track List:
  1. Poumpi L'Efuel Ou Enbi3
  2. Boudinar
  3. El Fahem
  4. Lemssid (Usine À Bombes)
  5. Ana Enbi3lek Ana Rabak
  6. Ana Jeune Algerien
  7. Ministere Des Anciens Moujahidine, Ministere Des Actuels Serakine
  8. Seb3iyem
  9. Sonatrach Etrih Khra
  10. BMP (Beghlerized Mass People)
  11. Legal Prostitution
  12. Nigrou Genocide 2
  13. Madrasset L'Ehlak
To be honest it isn't my favourite kind of hardcore, but a band from Algeria playing such kind of music with highly political lyrics definitely deserves some attention. "Bled El Petrole Takoul Lekhra" ("Country Of Petrol And You Eat Shit" or something along these lines) is the first Algerian punk album that was released on vinyl (by France-based Darbouka Records). However, it looks like they aren't the only punks in the Algerian underground - Beghlerass and As We Fuck are from Algeria too:


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