Wednesday, August 17, 2011

e.g. Oblique Graph - "Extended Play" [1982]

Artist: e.g. Oblique Graph (pre-Muslimgauze)
Title: Extended Play
Genre: Ambient / Industrial
Country: UK
Release date: 1982

Track List:
  1. Fall Into Glass
  2. Merge
  3. Murders Linked To Gaullist Clique
Finally, the very first and the rarest cassette release by Bryn Jones - "Extented Play". After listening to this, I was amazed how effective minimalism in music can be. For instance, "Murders Linked To Gaullist Clique" is a very minimalistic track where silence is more important than the music itself - and it doesn't get boring, unlike the majority of generic dark ambient releases. "Merge" is slightly more noisy, and it contains some voice samples in Russian (probably from some audio tutorial tape). "Fall Into Glass" is a short track featuring a nice synth melody (yes, it was the rare case when Bryn Jones used synths). Overall, it's very interesting piece of early 80s underground ambient/industrial music, and a good start for an enormous (>200 albums) discography - even though it doesn't much resemble any stuff released under the name "Muslimgauze". There's also another version of this cassette, with 3rd "Extreme Faction (re-mix)", but looks like it's extremely hard to find anywhere...

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