Saturday, December 4, 2010

Urban Noise - "Una Vida De Lucha" [2008]

Artist: Urban Noise
Title: Una Vida De Lucha
Genre: Oi!
Country: Colombia
Release date: 2008

Track List:
  1. S.H.A.R.P.
  2. Una Vida De Lucha
  3. Los Guerreros Troyanos
  4. Los Mejores Luchadores
  5. Millonarios
  6. Espiritu Del 69
  7. Skinhead
  8. A Por Ellos
  9. Bogota D.C.
  10. Urban Noise
  11. Rock'N'Roll Skinhead
  12. Fiel Companero
Despite having "noise" in their name, Urban Noise don't play noise/noisecore - they play oi/streetpunk, and they do it good. The album title means "A Life Of Struggle" (if I'm not mistaken), and the music carries a very combative mood, indeed. As far as I know, there's a lot of streetpunk/skinhead bands in Colombia (and most of them are SHARP and RASH), but I'm not very familiar with this scene.

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