Friday, October 22, 2010

Raksha Mancham - "1.200.000 Dead Tibetans" [1996]

Artist: Raksha Mancham
Title: 1200000 Dead Tibetans
Label: Music Maxima Magnetica
Genre: Noise / Tribal Industrial
Country: Belgium
Release date: 1996
Size:84 mb

Track list:
  1. Ganden
  2. Sangyip
  3. Ngalam Thongla ("A Mountain Pass")
  4. Kilalunpa ("Happy Country")
  5. Seitru
  6. Lithang
  7. nGolok
  8. Powo Tramo
  9. Labrang Tashi Kyil
  10. Gutsa
  11. Nadnpa
  12. Drapchi
"Raksha Mancham’s project 1.200.000 Dead Tibetans combines industrial, noise, harsh electronics sounds with true stories about the victims of the Chinese occupation and genocide on the Tibetan Nation that takes place till this day.
Mostly a spoken word album about torture methods used by Chinese on Tibetans using the genitalia.
Sick stuff" (c)

Well, it's not so sick as thought after reading this description, but it's quite impressive work anyway. Much better than I expected. According to the reviews, it differs from other Raksha Mancham's works in terms of sound... but I haven't heard his other albums yet, so I have nothing to compare it with. As for the lyrical content (which is all in English) - I take the neutral position in Chinese-Tibetan conflict, but the whole conception of "1.200.000 Dead Tibetans" is very interesting anyway.

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