Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chinese neofolk compilation: 新民谣印象:像一场年代久远的沉沦

Artist: V/A
Title: 月之深海系列专题之二 — 新民谣印象:像一场年代久远的沉沦
Genre: Neofolk
Country: China
Release date: unknown
Size: 50 mb

Track List:
  1. Argine - Memorie
  2. Tempesta Noire - Book of Life
  3. 夜郎 - 敕勒歌
  4. Forseti - Sei Nun Still
  5. In Gowan Ring - Two Towers
  6. Nebelung - Heimsuchung
  7. The Golden Bough - 船歌 (Ship Song)
  8. Novalis - Human
  9. Tenhi - Kuolleesi Jokeen
  10. 野孩子 - 红河谷
Please don't ask me where I found this really rare stuff - honestly I can't remember. I tried to find out more about this compilation, but the google search yields only one result - a post in some Chinese blog, which is deleted by now. So, all i know about this compilation is that it was originally posted at , and it contains 7 tracks by European neofolk bands (the rest - by Chinese ones).

China seems to be full with good neofolk projects, and I spent a lot of time to find more info about them. Unfortunately, almost all the results were in Chinese, and even Google Translate didn't help much. I could find only a little info about The Golden Bough (they're known to some European neofolk fans because they participated in the sampler "Penumbra over Beauty" with the song "The Fool"), and only in very broken English: "The Golden Bough from Chongqing China is now living in Beijing, devotes in folk in a special grence , whinch contains several styles such as dark folk, dark wave, Chinese characteristic & so on. The songs The simplemindedness & Barcarolle are the most interesting to listen to" (original spelling and grammar kept intact). Anyway, they're the first neofolk band singing in Chinese I had come across. I think they're can be called "the Chinese Current 93". The rest of the compilation is enjoyable as well, and I doubt if you can find it anywhere else.

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